CASE STUDY: National Numeracy


We created a unified, strong and clear brand voice and visual identity for UK charity National Numeracy. A unique charity for varying audience types, who needed the perfect blend of consistency and flexibility in order to support their next generation of growth.

The Problem

National Numeracy (NN) is the only charity dedicated to helping adults with everyday numbers. They work with individuals, the education sector and large organisations such as the NHS. They attract leading corporate funding partners such as Santander and have successfully influenced policy. However, their organic growth and varied audience types resulted in fragmented messaging, design inconsistencies and disparate websites. They have outgrown their existing brand guidelines resulting in a disconnected representation and application of their brand.

What we did

First the audit & research phase to assess all relevant background information for a detailed summary analysis on the existing state of play. We then ran a brand workshop to really get under the skin of NN’s entire portfolio - existing and planned. A super-charged energetic day allowing each key stakeholder a chance to share where they are now, and where they would like to be, and then together we identified and defined the brand purpose and proposition.

Following our recommendations on their vision/values/personality/tone of voice/messaging… on to the implementation phase:

  • A communications strategy consisting of updated personas and for each of these key audience types, USPs, value propositions and overall tone of voice practical guidance
  • A new visual brand hierarchy including new and refreshed logos and identity for each product and service; practical/usable guidelines for a complete visual language and design style for application across all platforms

How it worked out

NN were delighted with our ‘evolution not revolution’ approach to the project. A key requisite was to futureproof their brand identity, ensuring their new look and feel would be able to support, and expand with, their future plans. Our resulting brand hierarchy’s range of design options enabled this consistent flexibility and ability to keep pace with the ever changing world. Our communication strategy has allowed them a consistent messaging suite that they are happy and confident can be followed by the entire organisation.

A dedicated and passionate team who appreciated our match-for-match enthusiasm for the project. We are delighted to see the roll out of the new branding to the National Numeracy Challenge website (take the challenge - we did - see our blog!) and we can’t wait to see the wider roll out.

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