CASE STUDY: MyPocketSkill


MyPocketSkill are an online marketplace where teens are contracted for jobs. We helped create systems for MPS to become a self-sufficient platform; grow their number of users and increase site activity.

The Problem

MyPocketSkills were a new social enterprise project founded on a fantastic idea, but did not have the infrastructure to test or create processes or a communication strategy to create a self-sufficient marketplace. 

This meant they were unable to attract teens and encourage them to recruit adults (family/small businesses/charities who would post jobs) in one, multi-level, single campaign - crucial for the site’s very existence. 

Their online sign-up/registration functionality was also limiting with regards to data capture, thereby offering very little customer intelligence. These issues were impacting growth and site activity goals.

What we did

We delivered an easy to follow strategy that mapped existing site capabilities and clearly defined the areas that required development to create a positive user journey.

We then created all communication elements of this multi step process, ensuring MPS core values were consistently communicated. This process also included a ‘work around’ improving MyPocketSkill’s data collection for improved customer intelligence.

During the creation of this process we provided regular updates to the owners who were delighted to have the time back in order to divert their attention to finding sponsors and funding opportunity. The processes in place now allow them to roll out the scheme by themselves. 

MyPocketSkill - finalists of the 2018 Sussex Business Awards.

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