CASE STUDY: Harry Sherrard


We successfully launched Harry Sherrard as a motorsports and historical professional speaker by creating and implementing a full brand and communications strategy, resulting in prestigious bookings across the UK the US.

The Problem

Harry Sherrard, a successful lawyer with his own legal practice, had a dream to turn his life-long passion of motorsports and historical topics into a professional speaking career. However, despite researching and writing excellent talks, he didn’t know how to appropriately talk about himself, or how to approach potential bookers. He was therefore hitting a brick wall outside of his own network, for bookings in his target areas of the UK and US.

What we did

First we immersed ourselves into the world of professional speaking, into Harry’s strengths and relevance in the minds of the would-be bookers/audiences, and of course into the topic areas Harry covers - a fascinating aventure. Drawing on this research we created a brand architecture representing Harry’s personality and the talks he delivers. We used this to create a toolkit which instructed the design of his logo and website. We then created a communication strategy which enabled us to write his website copy. It also provided the narrative to help Harry to express himself differently at various times and touchpoints, including his showreel, blogs and press interviews.

How it worked out

By undertaking indepth research and building a solid brand strategy, we were armed with the tools to create a fantastic, truly representational and highly functional website that exceeded all expectations. 

By equipping Harry with solid branding and narrative tools, he is now able to express himself consistently and appropriately, making ‘Harry the brand’ conversations more engaging and rewarding. He has now delivered successful talks at Goodwood, Brooklands Museum, the auspicious Royal Automobile Club, The Black Hawk Museum, California…. and  many more bookings rolling in!

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