The Ultimate Webinar Checklist

A super practical checklist for creating the Ultimate Webinar

2020 has been the Year of the Webinar. We have all learned the pros and cons of the various platforms, become far wiser to what we freely sign up to, and been subjected to varying degrees of hosting skills. 'I'm hoping you can still hear me, but I'll carry on regardless' an all too regular desperate comment as the show carries on regardless.

The Ultimate Webinar Checklist, Terrier style.

But make no mistake - a great webinar is fantastic. They are 100% useful content with no padding (e.g. awkwardly shoehorned unrelated sales pitches). They have no technical hiccups, they are eagerly anticipated and attended by a relevant and engaged audience and you come away feeling enriched.  On the flipside a bad webinar at it's best is forgettable. At its worst thoroughly annoying, time wasting and ultimately brand damaging.

So our handy 'Ultimate Webinar Checklist' is all about your preparation. A complete practical walkthrough of every stage in the planning, right from the goal setting and idea stage through to post event activity. Now all you need to think about is the content - ensure it's truly adding value to your audience, and Bob's your uncle. Webinars done the Terrier style.

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