Studiosity (edtech) - New Client Announcement!

We are very excited to be working again with Studiosity!

Studiosity is an online, 24/7 support tool for university students, providing support with academic writing and core subject 121 study help from an expert subject specialist.

Having worked previously with Studiosity, we were absolutely delighted to be able to help fill a local marketing gap in the UK team. It’s always so much fun working in the edtech arena as you get to work across the whole gambit - university leaders, all the way through to the product users of the service itself, the students. Reading the feedback from students who have become ‘unstuck’ at some unearthly hour of study time, or how essay grades have improved due to better academic writing, really does give you a spring in the old step in the knowledge that you are doing something good. 

Studiosity is free for students to use - so this makes any marketing activity simply about bringing the product to tier attention. The trickier element however is getting in front of those super busy decision makers at universities with key reasons to take a precious moment out and listen to what we have to say. Creating compelling, interesting and thought providing content - our forte! We can’t wait to get stuck in.

First things first, an EMEA symposium to plan for... Bringing together partners, university leaders and a sprinkling of students for some fantastic conversations. We’ll keep you posted - or better still, watch Studiosity!

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