Teaching English online - the challenges and lessons learned: an EFL teacher's perspective

With the extraordinary changes experienced in the ELT sector over the last 6 months, it really has been inspiring to see language teaching providers pivot to an online offering, providing language learning in a virtual environment.

Teachers have had to adapt and think creatively, repurposing learning materials intended for the classroom to be effective and engaging for online students. How have they coped? What teaching materials are in demand? And what teaching materials are they crying out for?

We spoke to Phaedra Bettelli, an English teacher based in Cambridge, to ask about her experiences. Here's a clip of Phaedra talking about the resources that have been a real lifesaver as she moved to online teaching.

For the full insights into experiences of having to transition from the classroom to an online teaching environment, the challenges she has faced, favourite teaching materials in her virtual classroom and her online content wish list, click here to access the full interview.

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