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Andrea Collings and Susan Roberts are Terrier Marketing,
a brand’s best friend.
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What we do

We are a full service marketing agency that loyally sticks with you and always delivers. We will work with you on digital inbound marketing, one-off projects, or quick fire help when you need additional marketing support. Our expertise is in the edtech, EFL, publishing, education and finance sectors.
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We’re thinkers and doers. We’re ideas people and problem solvers.

Our experience ranges from start-ups to FTSE 100 companies across B2B and B2C in the edtech, EFL,publishing, education, and finance sectors. Having worked together in academic publishing for some time, we decided we wanted to do things our own way. We wanted to be free to be agile and fearless, and to be able to dedicate ourselves to helping people like you - who are people like us. Passionate people with something remarkable to say.

Terriers are enthusiastic, tenacious, loyal and determined, just like the two of us! Deciding on a name for our agency was therefore a no-brainer.

We have specialist knowledge in education, ELT, edtech and publishing, with over 30 years of experience to help us deliver outstanding results. We apply our knowledge and a ‘keep it simple,keep it effective' approach to any sector. It sounds like a cliche, but we love working together. From that initial wine conversation of ‘we should really start our own agency’ we’ve had a blast.

We’ve learned a lot - sometimes the hard way but boy have we learned. We like to laugh. A lot. Whilst we’re driven and determined, we have been told our chemistry is a bit infectious! We’ll naturally become your biggest cheerleaders and advocates - that’s just us, it’s how we roll.

Finally, it’s not just about being great at what you do, it’s also about being great people to work with. We love what we do, and it shows. We do good things, because we care - we are staunch supporters of The Girls Network for their commitment to providing unlimited futures for all young women regardless of background, gender or parental income.

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Who we've worked with

“Terrier Marketing developed and executed a clear plan to reach our target audience and exceeded both our acquisition and lead generation targets”

Edge Retreats

“They clearly had a genuine desire to work with me on this project, which made working with them both profitable and enjoyable."

Harry Sherrard

“ wasn’t a small feat and they executed the job brilliantly.. ...I can confidently say the reception from our sales teams has been great…”

McGraw-Hill Education

"They worked tirelessly and enthusiastically throughout"


“Susan and Andrea are a great combination - our collaboration was an important factor in the major decisions I have made regarding the direction of the business.”

Jonathan Bradshaw - Meetology

No seniors, no juniors. Just Terriers!

If you want tenacity, loyalty and for us to become your brand’s best friend - we’d be happy as a butchers dog to hear from you!

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